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Is a universal device with geo-positioning in the GLONASS system. It monitors physical parameters and monitors external influences. 

ASC I-MARKER  provides continuous monitoring of required parameters in real time:

  • Transport monitoring - routes, cities and local sites;
  • Tracking of goods,cargo, including prefabricated;
  • Monitoring of courier services, express deliveries, postal items;
  • Monitoring of industrial equipment and mechanisms, counting the operating hours;
  • Automatic collection of physical parameters from farmland and their monitoring, including animal control;
  • Monitoring the status and movement of people with disabilities, retired persons, children and pets;
  • monitoring of people during natural disasters and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations;
  • automatic data collection during rest and tourism: monitoring of the movement of people, the exact address of the person's location, the history of movement. 

Continuous monitoring technology can be used everywhere, even if there is no mobile connection and Internet access in the territory, thanks to the transfer and processing of information developed using LoRaWAN technology. More... 

Using the ASC I-MARKER solution, the user receives:

  • Detailed information about the event;
  • The exact time the event occurred;
  • Area of ​​occurrence of the event using the navigation coordinates of the GLONASS system or within the range of the LoRaWAN base stations. More...
  • The user will always be able to obtain data about where the vehicle / object was when the event occurred;
  • All data about the events and time of the incident is recorded in the non-volatile memory of the terminal, the absence of a network at the vehicle location does not affect the result of the work of the solution.

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