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About the product

  • Ultra-compact terminal size (65x45x21mm).
  • Application of a unique circuit solution.
  • High rates of autonomy of the device - the terminal works for at least a year from one recharge of the battery.
  • The light sensor based on the photocell does not consume energy.
  • Use of advanced radio transmission technology in the networks of the new generation IoTLoRa WAN.
  • ASC I-MARKER is the first Russian monitoring terminal for moving objects, operating in the LoRa-WAN standard.
  • Built-in temperature sensor, calibrated with an accuracy of one tenth of a degree Celsius.

Completion of the terminal:

Basic equipment of the terminal:

  • GLONASS / GPS receiver module.
  • Radio transmitter with built-in active antennas.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Temperature sensor - allows you to monitor the temperature in the cargo hold, when transporting perishable food, medicinal, perfume products, as well as biological material.
  • Impact sensor with sensitivity adjustment function (digital accelerometer).
  • Built-in memory.


  • Humidity sensor with sensitivity adjustment function - allows you to determine the strength of the humidity level in the cargo hold and the container with the load.
  • Tamper sensor - serves to detect the fact of unauthorized opening of the cargo hold or container with a load.

The main characteristics of the terminal ASC I-MARKER 

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